“Remembering the Child” Offline

Book OfflineI took my illustrated book “Remembering the Child” offline today. I had too great faith in my publisher, whom I had used before, and several problems occurred between editions.

I will correct these problems and republish the book. Until then, if you ordered a book and were unhappy with it please send me your date of purchase and amount. I will compare it with my records and refund you the money.

My apologies for the lapse in quality. Your feedback appreciated.

-Lester Yocum

Welltower and Families

LightHere is one of the key passages from my book series, Welltower. It seems appropriate to the season.

Yes, this passage contains spoilers.

Two of the main characters discuss the challenges they faced:

Fvlet got to his feet, brushed off his trousers, and walked with her toward the city, heading to a reception in the Council chambers. They were not holding hands, just talking and listening to each other, being friends.

“This is so sad,” Selda said to him. “This war never should have happened. We never seem to learn from our mistakes. I’ve been trying and trying to figure out the best way to keep the rising generations from repeating the mistakes of our past but I can’t. I can’t think of anything that hasn’t been tried before. The problems keep happening, over and over and over again, no matter what we do.”

Fvlet said nothing.

“All I can think of is to raise good families. Surround the children with loving parents and brothers and sisters. Teach them correct principles and set proper examples. Love them.” She sighed. “We have to encourage that, in spite of our weaknesses. It must happen; it is our obligation for the future. Our children’s children will judge us by the contributions we make to their families today.” She shook her head. “Maybe one day we will learn to actually do it. In the mean time, we’ll just do our best.”

Fvlet glanced her way, his face sober. “Selda, you and Kaehl never did find your parents, did you?”

Selda’s throat tightened. “I will not cry,” she said, her lips tight. “There have been too many tears lately. No, we never did find them. Neither did many others. Kaehl once said that he would find Mother eventually. I guess he did, in a way. A long time ago I was sure that they were alive, but now… Maybe he saw her in the hospital just before the missile struck; Father, too, in another life. I don’t know.”

“Are you going to keep looking?”

“No. We’ve searched. The authorities assume they’re dead. If by some miracle they are alive, we’ll find each other. If not, I’ll find them in the afterlife like Kaehl did, perhaps. We’ll be there together eventually, all of us; I’m sure of that. I’m sure we’ll all be much happier there. What we’ll find there will be a result of what we’ve done here.”


They passed in front of the hospital. Several children in dark glasses and robes were playing out front. They squealed with delight when they recognized Selda. As one they ran to her, pulling her hands, urging her to join them in a game. Selda hesitated.

“Remember,” Fvlet said gently. “We have a commitment. Relanna is expecting us.”

Selda waved the children away and thought for a moment. She continued toward the Council building a few more steps and then stopped. She looked up at Fvlet.

“Tell Relanna that I have been invited to a very important conference,” she said. “It came up at the last minute. It concerns the future of our world. I will rejoin her as soon as I can.”

Fvlet gave her a puzzled look and hesitated. Selda turned and walked back toward the hospital and raised her hands. Still unsure he turned and continued on. As he approached a corner he glanced back and saw her sitting on the ground surrounded by children, teaching them the finger song: “One a finger, two a finger, three a finger four…” She looked up at him and waved. He smiled and turned the corner.

Creating Jolley Video

In 2014 I published my first Youtube video, a tutorial about how I morphed into the immense Welltower character Mister Jolley using Photoshop’s liquify tool. With the re-release of the first three book in the series I thought it appropriate to feature it again.

You can view the 10-minute video at http://youtu.be/Skz3tIFkbAE.

“Remembering the Child” Text Online

Remembering the ChildI have placed the text of the book “Remembering the Child” on my website with some of the digital paintings for your reference. The message is tender, powerful and very timely; please share it. The book is available for purchase.

Welltower Book Revised and Re-released

Welltower 1-3Novels one through three in my gripping Welltower science fiction series have been newly revised and released in time for the 2015 Christmas holiday. The series follows Kaehl and his sister Selda in their life-and-death struggle to survive the world they know as Welltower.

The books are also available in one volume called “Kaehl’s Journey”.

New Christmas Picture Book Available: “Remembering the Child”

Remembering the Child Cover
Click to enlarge.
Written, illustrated, and designed by Lester Yocum.
2011; Softcover; 8.5″x8.5″; 34 pages.
Includes 24 lush digital paintings by the author.
Purchase Through Amazon

My picture book, Remembering the Child — The Gift, is now available for purchase through Amazon. The heartwarming story recounts a chance meeting between a young man, a young woman, and a homeless child a few days before the holiday. The event’s tender power transforms their hearts, giving them new insight into the real meaning of Christmas.

Formerly published as “The Christmas Orange”, author and artist James Gurney described the book as beautiful and sensitive.

Be sure to see all the paintings from the book and an alternate cover.

“Welltower” Edits Underway

Welltower: Kaehl's JourneyNow that I have gotten a few things off my plate, I am working hard on editing my science fiction adventure series “Welltower“. More info to come!

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.