Art Prints, Speeches and Unveilings

In the Garden
In the Garden

Many events have pushed me toward a more active role in developing my art career. Lack of retirement options, continuing positive recognition in the art community, greater confidence in my ability to handle my ecclesiastical responsibilities, and the grave uncertainties in this world has prompted me to do what I can to provide for my family and uplift people.

Therefore I am happy to announce the following:

  • Museum Display. My painting, “In the Garden“, is on display at the LDS Church Museum through August 2016.
  • Ambassador Portraits. Once again I will join other artists in drawing portraits of Washington, D.C. ambassadors and their families on October 10th from 10:30am-1:00pm at the Marriott Ranch in Hume, Virginia.
  • Featured Speaker. On October 17 2015 I will speak about my art processes and impacts at the Tapestry Womens Conference in Annapolis, Maryland. The conference in Saturday 17 October 2015 from 1-4pm at the Annapolis chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1875 Ritchie Highway, Annapolis, MD 21401. Several of my original paintings will be on display. Other speakers will be Jason F. Wright, New York Times best-selling author of The Christmas Jar, The Wednesday Letters, and many others; Sandra Turley, Broadway lead in “Les Miserables” and Ariel in DisneyWorld productions of “The Little Mermaid”; and Florence Morrise, a foster parent and “mother to hundreds” children’s advocate.
  • Unveilings. I will unveil four new oil paintings at the Tapestry conference.
  • Prints Available. Many of my paintings are available for purchase custom-framed or as ready-to-hang stretched canvas prints from Imagekind.


Prints Available

Prints available on Imagekind
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Many of my paintings are available for purchase custom-framed or as ready-to-hang stretched canvas prints from Imagekind.

Imagekind is an online gallery featuring over 1 million images by independent artists from all over the world. The site features museum-quality reproductions of original artworks available for purchase as giclee prints and ready-to-hang canvas prints and framed prints.

Print Configurations

Unframed prints ship in a sturdy reinforced cardboard “crush-proof” tube to avoid damage to the art while in shipment. Framed prints ship in a custom box.

Signed prints are currently not available.


I am a bit conflicted here, posting these paintings progress shots. They are still a long way from being finished and, although I have hinted at their development I wanted to keep them private until their reveal. But something my wife taught me made me want to share them.

She told me that we all need a form of relaxation. She noticed that I seem to have grown more impulsive as I became more involved in various things, and that I always seemed to be on “yellow alert”. I seemed consumed with thinking about things I should be doing.

This kept me from working on my hobbies. When the times came that I was almost driven to pick up a paintbrush she began to notice a pattern in me: As I painted I relaxed, became more fun to be around, and slept better. My irritability and anxiety lessened.

This echoes Boyd K. Packer’s observation of the healing effect of carving birds from wood. With all the things he had to do, this additional thing he did added peace and richness to his life and the lives of those around him.

I am going to continue experimenting with this. Hopefully this will enable me to engage with life more meaningfully and effectively and to perhaps be more in tune. Maybe it will work for you.

Just an FYI.

Books and Paintings

A few updates:

For the last several weeks, as I have gained some confidence in my service opportunities, I have also been able to work on two oil paintings. It will be quite a while before I have anything to show but they look good so far.

My Welltower books are in need of serious re-editing, which I will do at some point.

In the Garden
In the Garden

My painting “In the Garden”, which I completed in early 2014, will be displayed in the LDS Church’s 10th Annual International Art Competition. It will be displayed in the LDS Church History Museum from September 2015-August 2016.


As of this date, I have removed all sales options for my books and artwork. No new products are in the pipeline. Thank you so much for your support!

-Lester Yocum, 2 April 2015


My wife just shared with me ideas from the 2012 book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking”, which she checked out from the library.

Ideas shared so far:

  • The word “personality” didn’t exist until the 19th century and didn’t come into popular usage until the 20th.
  • Prior to the 1920s marketing and sales booms, the culture of character predominated. It promoted citizenship, duty, work, golden deeds, honor, reputation, morals, manners, and integrity.
  • After the 1920s the culture of personality took prominence, which celebrated being seen as magnetic, fascinating, stunning, attractive, glowing, dominant, forceful, and energetic.

I am not a shill for the book but I find the concepts transformative and very valuable for leaders in any field, including faith and business.

Eternal Companionship

Living Room CouchThis afternoon, between phone calls, text messages and various responsibilities, my wife and I laid down on our living room couch and stayed there, her head on my shoulder, the cat on my lap, for half an hour or so. We said nothing, we did nothing, we just drew strength and peace from each other. And then we went back to our duties.

What a marvelous gift is my eternal companion.