Sketch of a Frank Frazetta LionIn April 2016 I was inspired by the drawings of Kim Kincaid to begin improving my drawing skills. Below are the drawings I’ve done each day since, all simple exercises in observation and patient build-up. Most are small, about 6×6 inches, and based on photo reference, all images with strong lighting and drama. Lighting always gets me. With the proper lighting you can project power.

My process is to find good source material and draw that freehand, not tracing them but using light lines until confident enough of the shape and proportions to start adding bold ones.

The goal is to produce sketches, not finished art, and sharpen my skills. Because of that I am not too fussy with result. In that regard this work is much like knitting or playing solitaire — 15-minute spans of concentration and a lack of the potential for failure. This yields much peace and can be gratifying.

These are also shown on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Click the images to view larger versions and some details. The order is newest sketches at the top, oldest at the bottom.