Remembering the Child — A Christmas Story

Book OfflineOn 1 January 2016 I took my illustrated book “Remembering the Child” offline. I had too great faith in my publisher, whom I had used before, and several problems occurred between editions.

I will correct these problems and republish the book. Until then, if you ordered a book and were unhappy with it please send me your date of purchase and amount. I will compare it with my records and refund you the money.

My apologies for the lapse in quality. Your feedback appreciated.

-Lester Yocum

Remembering the Child Cover
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Written, illustrated, and designed by Lester Yocum.
2015; Softcover; 8.5″x8.5″; 34 pages.

The story of a chance meeting between a young man, a young woman, and a homeless child a few days before the holiday. The unexpected and tender event transforms their hearts, giving them new insight into themselves and the true focus of Christmas.

Today more than ever and especially at this season we need more books like this.

Because I believe in the value of the message I have placed the text of the story online. Feel free to share it.

“Terrific. Beautiful. A really sensitive presentation with a deep and meaningful story.”
New York Times best-selling author and artist James Gurney

Formerly published as “The Christmas Orange”, I changed the name to avoid confusion with other well-known holiday stories. This latest edition also includes improvements to the text and some of the lush digital paintings. – Lester Yocum