“Why We Believe” Video Now Online

Doubts, Dogs, and the Path to Love: Why do we believe? What powers us on our journey through pain and healing?

Life, faith, loss, agony, healing, peace, joy are experiences common to all of us. In our world of conflicting views and shifting values, how can you know truth, and how can you apply it to yourself? Can you?

In a tender address touched with pain, humor, faith and hope, Lester Yocum touches on his own private fears, pain and joy and how his life journey helped him rise above challenges. Mr. Yocum uses several of his paintings to illustrate timely points.

The video and script are online and in PDF format. Each includes links to my paintings I referenced in my talk and other resources.

Please take a look and let me know your response. Thanks!

The Visitors' Center Auditorium
The Visitors’ Center Auditorium