Change of Heart

Change of Heart
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Oil on hardboard, 16×20 inches (41x51cm)
Date completed: April 14, 2012
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This is from the story of Alma the Younger, a guilt-ridden son of his nation’s High Priest who was convicted by his conscience of some dreadful crimes. The arm in the foreground represents the arms of Jesus which are wide open to receive and grant forgiveness and peace to all who seek him.

The experience reformed Alma, who later became his nation’s High Priest and Chief Judge, spending the rest of his life trying to overcome the damage done in his troubled youth.

The story is in Alma 36:3-25.

Behind the Scenes

The artwork is from a series of paintings I did on 2012 for a Christian rock band. Here I dressed up in some of my standard robes and costume jewelry and took several poses in my neighborhood while my wife photographed me as a rich, spoiled, shallow fop. The arm in the foreground is also mine.

You can now order prints of this painting.