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Change of Heart
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In 2011 I was approached by members of a Christian rock band to produce artwork for an upcoming album based on the Book of Mormon. They had seen two of my paintings online, “Enos” and “Young Captain Moroni“, and asked if they could use them and add 11 more based on lyrics to their songs. I agreed and started to work.

By the time all the details were in place it was 2012 and I only had 10 months to the deadline. With the aid of my wife and friends I was able to shoot good reference photos, composite them in the computer, get them approved by my clients, transfer them to pre-primed cradled gessobords, and render them in oil paint. When it came down to it, I only had three days to paint each panel, even limiting the pieces to simple, iconic imagery at 16×20 inches each. The clients extended the deadline by two months and I finished them with time to spare.

Unfortunately, the album was never published and my paintings never used, Still, I loved the experience. I had never done an extended series of paintings before and the challenges of juggling deadlines, managing workflow and approvals, taking shots of each piece in progress, and keeping the style fresh and the images interesting but consistent while telling familiar stories with a fresh eye was challenging, invigorating, and gratifying.

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Artwork commissioned for this album

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