Watching Over the Newborn Lord

Watching Over the Newborn Lord
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Watching Over the Newborn Lord
Oil on aluminum, 16×12 inches
November 2017

This morning I finished my painting, “Watching Over the Newborn Lord”. The painting shows the response of an angel, assigned to watch over the infant Lord. The veil between Heaven and Earth can be thin at times and must have been more so for the newborn Christ, so recently absent from his angelic friends. For them, the privilege of watching over the child must have been heart melting and sobering.

I began this first in a series of angel paintings after having received requests from art distributors, asking me to produce artwork on certain subjects. Coincidentally (if you believe in coincidences), at the same time I began experimenting with different surfaces and paints. The process was spiritually driven, as described in my post “Joseph Angel“. This process continued through this morning’s completion. “Manger and Child” and “Photo Shoot Prep” describe some behind-the-scenes work.

My goal here was to see what I could learn from the new paints and surface. It was challenging, to use understatement. I would have finished sooner had I used traditional surfaces, but I really enjoy the opportunity the reflective surface gives audiences to interact with the art. We’ll see how commercially viable it is.

Many more to go in this series. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn. Thank you for joining me on this ride.

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