Training Art Models

At their request, over the last few weeks I’ve had the marvelous and rare privilege of helping two members of the same family learn the business of being clothed art models. We’ve explored the realities of supply and demand, wages, rights, protections, and expectations, and explored priorities among themselves, the students, and the teacher. We also looked at model release forms, the differing rights among draped and undraped models, and negotiating for photographic rights. They gained real-time experience in the tough realities of coming up with and holding poses that benefit the team. Critically, even though they were clothed, we looked at each model’s level of comfort with their own body image. We also explored appropriate clothing and hair style choices.

Most fun for me, I got to draw. Drawing from life is one of my weakest art skills, and I want these classes to form a basis for my self-improvement. We started out with a night of 30-second gesture drawings, then added 2-minute poses the next night. These models are relaxed, inventive, ambitious, and expressive, a real pleasure to draw from. In fact, after setting up the lights, I was so thirsty to draw them I had problems remembering to critique their poses.

Next session we will move to 5- and 20-minute poses, giving them practical experience in how length of time affects their pose choices, and in the realities of holding a long pose. Great to see their confidence improve.

If you live south of Baltimore and are interested in attending clothed open drawing sessions, message me privately. My in-home classroom (pictured above) can hold 15 students comfortably.

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