Heroic Creativity

There are more great artists around the earth and in our neighborhoods than ever before. The Internet has broadened their reach and their impacts in ways never before dreamed.

I set aside time each day to study them, flipping though books, magazines, search engines and social media, their work inspiring and challenging me. If I’m not careful, they can also intimidate and discourage me. But even knowing my shortcomings, their power draws me forward, and ultimately is a testimony to the potential in each of us.

Today I highlight four of my favorites artists, my artistic heroes. These are successful contemporaries (yes, Rockwell was a contemporary of mine) whose efforts have been validated by their decades-long successes. Their images always arrest my attention; they uplift and challenge me. I hope they do the same for you.

Norman Rockwell Art
Normal Rockwell, the master of gentle humor and tender hearts. Iconic, deeply emotional work rendered with idealized realism, pushes and pulls me to create. If you have a chance to see his work in person, do.

In addition to the Norman Rockwell Museum linked above, Artsy’s Norman Rockwell page provides visitors with Rockwell’s bio, high-quality images of his works for sale, exclusive articles, and up-to-date Rockwell exhibition listings as well as information on related artists and categories.


Scott Gustafson Art
Scott Gustafson. Subtle humor, glorious colors, marvelous attention to believable detail, always positive, always uplifting. I learn much from his tutorials.


Thomas Blackshear Art
Thomas Blackshear. Always a bit of a showboat, he is a confident dreamer driven to succeed. Powerful rendering, color and imagery.


Brad Holland Art
Brad Holland. Wonderful imagination, another supremely confident artist driven to succeed. His works transformed editorial art as an industry and always make me think. Not all of his work shares my values, but I thrill at his deep thinking and ability to tell powerful stories, simply. His works always make me want to better my own.

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