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The Welltower Series

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Welltower 1 Cover
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A science fiction series following Kaehl and his sister Selda as they fight poverty, ignorance, and the power-hungry elite to save their friends in the looking-glass world called Welltower.

The series has been combined into one book, “Welltower: Kaehl’s Journey”, which is available in print and electronic form through Amazon. The fourth book in the series, Selda’s Run, was published in 2017. End Run, which is book five, is coming soon.

Each book is summarized below:

Kaehl’s Journey

A compilation of the first three books in the series, including First Run, Second Run, and Final Run. With illustrations, maps and charts by the author.

Welltower-Kaehl's Journey
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6×9 inches
682 pages
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Fifteen-year-old Kaehl lives in the massive, decaying sanctuary city called Welltower. His father is abusive, his mother weak and his sister terribly fragile. There are gangs in the halls. He has been cut off from his friends and fears for his life. He is starving. He is afraid. He wants out. But he cannot let go.

Fighting poverty, ignorance, and the power-hungry elite, Kaehl travels the heights and depths of this battleground city to save his family from the corrosive evil of the looking-glass world called Welltower.

First Run

The first book in the Welltower series.

Welltower 1 Cover
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6×9 inches
236 pages
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Centuries ago, The Founders built a fortified city and named it Welltower. Their purpose was to save mankind from a global inferno of poisonous gases and mutated beasts. The sanctuary still stands over the burning landscape like a colossus: unbreakable, impenetrable, and unyielding.

But all is not as it seems. After hundreds of years the sanctuary has become a prison, its residents becoming beasts of a different kind: humans in the last stages of social decay.

Kaehl will travel the heights and depths of what has now become a battleground, struggling to save his teenaged sister from a society edging toward destruction. Along the way he will discover truths about himself and his society as he uncovers the terrible secrets of the looking-glass world called Welltower.

Second Run

Book two in the Welltower series.

Welltower Second Run
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6×9 inches
196 pages
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Kaehl and Selda have found healing, happiness, and new friends in the utopian land of Alizon, guardian of Welltower’s secrets. They have also found new foundations for their lives and a desire to give back.

But again, all is not as it seems. Alizon has its enemies, too, and once more the brother and sister team must descend into the depths of Welltower to solve these deadly mysteries. Torn apart by their new missions, they will uncover the moral and physical depths of their dying city, finding new strengths and abilities as they battle the Tower’s corrupt elite, racing for their lives against disease and unexpected disaster in the looking-glass world called Welltower.

Final Run

Book three in the Welltower series.

Welltower Final Run
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6×9 inches
254 pages
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Disaster has overtaken the Tower. Much of the city is now a graveyard and the survivors have become refugees. Welltower’s devastated leadership has been forced to flee into the terrifying world outside.

But all is not as it seems. The disaster has come from unexpected quarters. Trusted friends have proven false and powerful enemies have appeared. No longer together, Kaehl and Selda must descend once more into the depths of Welltower to uncover the source of these deadly perils. They will battle for their lives to save the Tower and its people.

The young brother and sister will find new strengths and attitudes as they battle their unexpected foes in a desperate race against the ultimate destruction that awaits the looking-glass world called Welltower.

Selda’s Run

Book four in the Welltower series, continuing Selda’s saga. Co-authored with Benjamin Yocum.

Welltower Selda's Run
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6×9 inches
224 pages
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Twenty one years have passed since death of Kaehl, the young hero of Welltower. The nearby city-nations, once deadly rivals, now live in an era of peace, where light-powered healing globes bring health and long life without cost.

Too much ease, however, has addicted many to the power of the globes. When Kaehl’s sister discovers that she can control light with her mind, rival powers destroy each others’ production centers in a frenzy to steal her secrets and dominate international markets. Forced to flee, the young mother’s extraordinary abilities put her young family in the crosshairs of international corporate greed and political intrigue.

The mother and her husband battle for the lives of their children, heirs of the power of light, pitting their skills and gifts against the combined might of three nations.

New Run

Coming soon.

Welltower New Run
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These are posters from my Welltower book series, some of which are available for purchase.

Model credits: Anthony Littlefield as Kaehl; Jessie Mayer as Selda; Hubert Langaigne as The Preacher; Lester Yocum as Mister Jolley.


This video shows how I gained 200 electronic pounds to create the character Jolley.

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The Welltower series is a social examination of our society, using an undefined dystopian world as the setting. Classed as a young adult science fiction thriller, the series is divided into three books, with others following. Welltower: First Run explores the nature of our society; Welltower: Second Run presents options and responses, and Welltower: Final Run explores solutions.

All the books follow 15-year-old Kaehl and his fragile 14-year-old sister Selda as they struggle to understand, come to grips with, and improve the world they know as Welltower. Their struggles and growth mirror those found in the best and worst of our society today.