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Art Under a Bushel

Candle of the Lord
Candle of the Lord
Many of you, like myself, have gifts and talents and wonder what to do with them. You are frustrated at not being able to make a living with them or getting the recognition you feel you deserve. You wonder whether or not moneymaking and marketing are in line with God’s will. More, you wonder why some are successful — or seem to be –– while you are not.

Tonight it occurred to me that, if we were given these talents and gifts, we were not called to hide them under a bushel. Therefore, one aspect of our skills, which is just as important as practicing them, is studying how to get your name out there, and making it happen, whether you do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you. Social media and business skills are critical to keeping your talents from being hidden under a bushel. If you believe you are supposed to write, paint, sing, dance, or develop any other talent, then you called to share it.

It’s called marketing. If you don’t do that, you limit your talents and gifts and their God-intended impact on others. Study. Pray. Take a class. Learn from your peers. Market. Figure out finances. Find the key to successfully promoting your gifts and let that light shine. God bless you in doing so. God knows you were given those gifts for reason, and we all need them out there.