Presentation Based on the Savior’s Birth

This story was submitted by a friend who was affected by the painting “While Mary Sleeps“. You can read other comments on the painting’s web page.

Thank you so very much for sharing “The Hero of Christmas” with me!  I think it is wonderful that you are able to hear even a small percentage of the impact your talents have on others!!

I too, in the past, have given Joseph a little more prominence because of the role that I believe he played in the birth of the Savior. Years ago, we had a huge Christmas party that was solely based on the timeframe of the birth of Christ.

  • Every member came dressed in costumes from that time period.
  • The foyer was made to look like you were entering a city during that time period.
  • We were directed to sit in the chapel which was sectioned off for the different tribes of Israel.
  • In the chapel, music was playing and pictures of the Savior were flashing on the screen.
  • Each tribe was escorted out and brought to the “tax collector” who sat outside the cultural hall.  He collected our taxes, and we were allowed to enter the “city”.
  • The city was amazing.  Along the walls were “vendors” selling food and beverages. (we had fake coins to make our purchases)  Example:  someone sat on a large woven rug – had a large hot plate and warmed the food that went on the Nan bread.
  • Then each family sat together on the rug or blanket they brought with them in the middle section of the cultural hall.
  • My part:   At a certain time – a trumpet sounded off stage and a centurion came out on stage and read the decree.  An announcer (also off stage) began to read the Nativity story.   Adults did the portrayals except for the shepherds, they were the teenagers.
  • When Mary was having the baby, (A cover was draped across the stable by a mid-wife), a recording played of a song where Joseph was singing to Mary telling her she was having a baby, and he was more than just a child, he would be more than any man…etc.
  • While the recording was playing, Joseph was on his knees putting straw in the manger, then he looked up and then bowed his head and began to pray.  The mid-wife came out and presented the baby to Joseph, something that was customary, and he had the spotlight at that moment while he held the baby in his arms.

Your picture brings me back to the same feeling I have/had about the role that Joseph played in the life of the Savior.  I love that picture.  Thank you for being inspired to paint it.

Cindy Scott