New Print Available: Change of Heart

Change of Heart, Framed
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You can now order prints of my painting “Change of Heart” through my online store. The painting, part of a series of works commissioned for a Christian rock band, depicts Alma, a leader in ancient America, whose regrets over his past have piled up and brought him to seek change. An angel, always present but not yet seen by Alma, reaches out to help free him from guilt and bring him peace and joy.

I featured this painting in a Facebook post in March 2018:

“Lately I have had a sharply heightened sense that everything is going to turn out well. There’s going to be pain, and frustration, and fear and disappointment and any number of problems, but God’s not done with us yet. He in fact has a plan of happiness for each one of us, all the time. We won’t always be dancing on rooftops, but we can have powerful, healing joy even through the pain. Each of us simply has to talk to him about it, listen closely, and do what he says. He will speak to us through feelings or words or through the actions of others in ways that each of us will be able to hear, if we listen.”