Fundraiser for “I Have Seen My Lord”

We did not reach our funding goal for this project. Any funds you pledged have been returned. Thank you all for your marvelous support!

-Lester Yocum, June 27, 2016

I Have Seen My Lord (Concept)
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Oil on canvas
36×48 inches

Please join me in creating my next painting, “I Have Seen My Lord”. The images you see on this page represent a digital concept of how the final will appear.

The scene shows Mary Magdalene outside the empty garden tomb. Jesus has just left her to ascend to His father. She takes a few minutes to gather her thoughts and feelings before running to tell the world.

Contributing to this fundraiser will not only earn you great rewards but will also help make this painting and other like it possible. Every work requires time and resources; I can’t make them for free. Your willingness to support the arts and this cause will make a difference for good.

Thank you.

-Lester Yocum
 8 June 2016
Link to the fundraiser website.