Greater Than Us All Free Show and Paintings

Free Show and Paintings

Greater Than Us All advertisement
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In support of the “Greater Than Us” Easter cantata I will be donating dozens of my original oil paintings, old and new, after the show, no strings attached. All paintings are unframed. See the list and examples below. Come support the show to find out more!

The Cantata

What: Greater Than Us All, program by Kenneth Cope
Where: Odenton building, 528 Higgins Drive, Odenton, MD 21113
When: Saturday, March 12th, 7pm
Who: Everyone is invited! Friends, Family, Neighbors
No cost! Open to the public

Enjoy the show!

The Donated Paintings

Below is a sampling of some of the paintings I will give away with the actual list following.

Disclaimers: The list will change. The actual giveaway will be managed by the sponsors of the Odenton cantata. I will not ship or accept reservations for these works.

The List

This list of paintings to be given away at the cantata is subject to change.

Amelia Earhart 2066 Oil on canvas 16×24″
Approaching Bethlehem Oil on Masonite 16×20”
Armor of Light Oil on canvas 36×40″
Astral Seas Oil on canvas 16×20″
Away Oil on hardboard 16×20”
Bountiful Oil on hardboard 16×20”
Change of Heart Oil on hardboard 16×20”
Cold Down Here Adobe Illustrator
Cumbered Much Oil on canvas
Doris Oil on canvas
Eagle Looking Down Oil on canvas 16×20″
Emmaus Oil on Masonite 16×20”
Fear Not, Mary  Oil on canvas
Frank Herbert Airbrush
Gorilla in Shadows Oil on canvas 16×20″
I Believe Oil on hardboard 16×20”
Jolly Old Saint Nickoduck Airbrush
Kings Oil on hardboard 16×20”
Lion Majesty Oil on canvas
Mary and the Infant Oil on canvas 16×20″
Micky Mouse Airbrush
Offering Oil on canvas 24×24”
Penguin Family Airbrush
Promised Land Oil on hardboard 16×20”
Samuel the Lamanite Oil on hardboard 16×20”
Santa Hippo Airbrush
Santa and the Star Adobe Illustrator
Spencer W. Kimball and the DC Temple Oil on canvas
Festival of Lights Adobe Illustrator
Testify Oil on hardboard 16×20”
The Call Oil on canvas
The Holly and the Chickadee Airbrush
Tiger Oil on canvas 16×20″
Touching Faith Oil on Masonite 36×21”
Two Rams Oil on canvas
Warriors Oil on hardboard 16×20”
Words Oil on hardboard 16×20”