Candle of the Lord

Diptych, print.
From Proverbs 20:27, “The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord”.

Candle of the LordThis print, called a “diptych”, joins two separate paintings, “Portrait of a Modern Mother” and “Portrait of a Modern Father”.

To steer their families safely through today’s many challenges, fathers and mothers must step outside of their comfort zones, trusting that as they hold up their candle of experience and inspiration their way will be lighted for a step or two ahead. Recognizing that they do not walk alone increases their light.

As a father, I stepped outside of my comfort zone this year when three of my children left our home within a few months of each other. They were excellent young men and women but had been struggling, drifting as they tried to find their own way. We were all grateful when their divergent paths, some of which were very painful, brought them great growth, joy, and satisfaction. Today we are all wiser and happier, and grateful indeed that we do not walk alone.