Art Museum Crawl

I am on day two of another two-day solo museum crawl through the Philadelphia area. It’s been years but wonderful to revisit.

Yesterday I spent two hours in the Frank Frazetta Museum, starting out with a personal tour through the collection by Frank Frazetta, Jr. Wonderful to get a run-through of his life and achievements, illustrated with his original works and conducted by a very knowledgable guide. I found his palette and surface handling enlightening and encouraging. He struggled with some of the same issues as I do. If he could overcome those to create such epic results, there is hope for me.

Whatever is said about his subjects, marketing style, personality, and whatever, his works inspired me as a 13-year-old boy to seriously pursue the arts. For that, I am grateful.

Crystal Cave Shot
Crystal Cave Shot

Aside: I had to stop off at Crystal Cave first (“Pennsylvania’s most popular natural attraction”), because my wife and I enjoy them, and I have a painting in the works that requires the reference best found in caves. Perfect.

Today: The Brandywine River Museum, Delaware Art Museum, and either the Rodin Museum or the Philadelphia Museum of Art, depending on how distracted I get by the others. Much, much more to see here. What a blessing having such opportunities.