Alma and Amulek Emerge From Prison

Oil on Masonite, 24×36″ Purchase PrintsOriginal for Sale   Two prophets emerge from prison, having suffered unspeakable torment. Their faith remained undimmed, the miraculous ruin of their jail a testimony Read More …

The Call

Oil on canvas, 24×30″ Purchase PrintsOriginal for Sale The Christ child pondering intimations of his destiny.  

Candle of the Lord

Diptych, print. From Proverbs 20:27, “The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord”. This print, called a “diptych”, joins two separate paintings, “Portrait of a Modern Mother” and Read More …

Cumbered Much

Oil on canvas, 24×36″ Purchase PrintsOriginal for Sale Mary ponders balancing worldly and spiritual cares. We need both in our lives; how do we manage them effectively?  

Fear Not, Mary

Oil on canvas, 24×30″ Purchase PrintsOriginal for Sale Mary’s reaction to the angel Gabriel’s first visit. Her virtue, humility, and meekness qualified her to become the mother of the son Read More …

John the Beloved

Oil on Masonite, 17×24″, 2009 Purchase PrintsOriginal for Sale John, Jesus’ beloved disciple, on his way to do the work of the Lord, looking toward the light.  

Freedom of Religion: Joseph Smith, April 6, 1820

Personal Painting, Oil on canvas, 16×20″, 2001 Featured in “Prevailing Human Spirit—The Exhibition”, Society of Illustrators, 2002, New York City, New York. From the collection of Daniel Carter. Young Joseph Read More …