Hope For Creatives

Creatives, there is hope.

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I spend many hours each week working side-by-side with Adobe representatives, true creative professionals whose tools I have been using since 1988. They always share great things but today, during a break, one of them gave our team a glimpse of some of the exciting things happening in the Adobe world. He talked about its corporate creative partnerships, how they interact with businesses and agencies, and how wowed he is to see future tech demonstrated in their labs today. He is always careful to avoid discussing guarded details and is very respectful of Adobe’s clients, but he lifted the curtain just enough to excite. He sees a very bright future for artists.

Coincidentally, tonight I chanced upon a recent TED talk by Jack Conte, co-founder of Patreon, a subscription content service for creators. He, too, raised a voice of enthusiasm and hope about our future. I love the fire of his message, especially with so many voices telling us that artists will never make a living or a difference in the world. He focuses on Patreon, of course, but also mentions other platforms, including Twitch, which my son Isaac introduced me to last year.

These experiences make me reevaluate my opportunities in a very hopeful way. I hope they do for you as well.